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UAWC completes the rehabilitation of kindergartens in the village of Walaja

 Bethlehem – the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) has completed the construction and rehabilitation of a kindergarten for children in Al Walaja village northwest of Bethlehem Governorate, within the framework of the project "Meeting the Needs of Palestinian Refugees in vulnerable areas of Wadi Fokin, Bateer, Al Walaja, Fasayel and Al Muntar".

This project comes within the framework of UAWC's priorities and objectives "strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinians in areas classified as "C". Al Walaja village, in particular, is suffering from the separation wall which confiscated hundreds of dunums of its lands and isolated its population in a narrow space surrounded by Israeli settlements and bypass roads.

The project included the construction of a 66-square-meter umbrella, construction of children's playground, a 150-meter fence and an indoor garden

This project benefited more than 70 children since it is the only kindergarten serving more than 2,600 of the village population.