Israeli Media Outlets Along with Organizations Lead by Settlers are Launching an Incitement Campaign Targeting the Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees for their Work in Area C


 As part of a continuing incitement campaign against National Palestinian Organizations, the Israeli media, driven by the pressure from settlers is working on distorting facts and spreading lies in a new campaign of incitement against the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Palestine.

In the past few days, several Israeli TV stations worked on broadcasting reports on UAWC's projects in Area C, where the reports claimed that UWAC is currently representing what can be considered the Palestinian National Fund, or the Palestinian (Keren Kayemeth) which operates like the Zionist National Fund or the Zionist (Keren Kayemeth), JNF is considered to be one of the largest Zionist foundations that have worked since it's establishment on stealing Palestinian land and transform it into a Jewish settler's property, in order to help build the Israeli State, This fund is allocated hundreds of millions of dollars from the right-wing government and from a large number of supporters of the Zionist movement around the world.

  An official of one of the settler organizations called "Regavim" considered that the work done by UAWC like the cultivation and rehabilitations of land in Area C would create a new reality on the ground, making the process of connecting settlements impossible. And this, according to "Regavim" is a "violation" to the Oslo agreement, which ban the change of reality on the ground. WH this settler have forgotten that the house he inhabits is built on a stolen land from a Palestinian farmer who was expelled from his land by force, him and his family.

The Israeli media is describing the work of UWAC as "dangerous", and the media is observing closely the Union's work and the projects it implements in order to make sure that these projects are not organized and coordinated to create new facts on the ground as a response to the recent Trump's decision.

The Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees would like to state the following:

  1. The Union's work is 100% alined with its mission and objectives which is based on the importance of supporting Palestinian farmer and strengthen his/her steadfastness, and to create employment opportunities and income from their land in order to be able to lead a
  2. decent life for them and their families. 

  3. UAWC have no relation with any political project, what we care abut is assisting farmers to preserve and protect the Palestinian land from the risk of confiscation by the settlers.

  4.  We affirm that all the lands in which the Union is active in are privately owned by Palestinian farmers since hundreds of years, ie before Israel ever existed, and therefore these farmers are legitimate owners of these lands.

  5. The greatest danger that threatens the lives of Palestinian farmers is the one coming from settlers, what happened after the assassination of farmer Mahmoud Odeh from Qusra village on 30.11.2017 while he was working on his land with his children is a damning evidence to the danger and hostility these settlers form.

  6.  The Union calls upon all the free world fighters, the lovers of justice and peace to raise their voice high in the face of the occupation and its settlers. We also call our supporters to double their solidarity and support to the Palestinian farmers, who are constantly subjected to the largest of ethnic cleansing process.