UAWC launches its vocational guidance camp for agricultural and craft, the first of its kind in Palestine

UAWC launches its vocational guidance camp for agricultural and craft, the first of its kind in Palestine


UAWC launched through an event in the city of Hebron, its vocational guidance camp for agricultural and craft, the first of its kind in Palestine, which aims to integrate craftsmanship and agricultural learning, and generating a group of youth who possess skills in craftsmanship and agricultural skills at the same time.22 females and males chosen from Al-Aroub Camp and Al Mahour , areas that are controlled by the Israeli occupation in Hebron, will take part of this  camp which will be 15 days long The  selection process of beneficiaries took part in cooperation with the people's committees in the camps after the announcement of the project for a month.

This camp is part of a project for “ strengthening and developing the abilities of un educated youth and focusing and choosing a future profession through raising awareness for craftsmanship and agricultural professions”  and which is executed by UAWC , as a part of the “Strengthening education and vocational training and technical employment” which was carried out by GIZ, on behalf of the Ministry of development and economic cooperation, the German Federation in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Palestinian agriculture.

The director of the Department of labor, Mr. Ali, The director of the office operating in Hebron Mr. Jihan Dahnous, The director general of the directorate of the cultivation of, director general of the Department of Agriculture in Dura Eng. Sameh abu Haikal, Director of the office of UAWC in Hebron Duaa Zayed, Vocational training center in Hebron and Halhul vocational training center, training center of Yata, the director of the GalaxyTraining Center Mrs. Diala AL Sharif , The director of the Saeb Al nather Center for professional training Mr. Faraj Alrazem , The project director Mr. Omar  Al-Titi and  vocational guidance in secondary school agricultural Mr. Rashid Al Arar, and beneficiaries of the project all took part in the launching ceremony.

he Launch Ceremony included many of the visual presentations and documentaries to familiarize beneficiaries with areas of vocational training centers and disciplines to be covered by different training and information on the various professions of craftsmanship and agricultural that will be covered in the camp

The vocational guidance camp will take place over 15 days and will include many lectures and proceedings concerning vocational guidance and vocational and agricultural vocational orientation, as well as to the implementation of at least 13 field visits including vocational training centers and various productive agricultural sectors.

The ceremony ended with the Union of Agricultural Work Committees extending gratitude to all institutions that participated in the activities of the vocational guidance and agricultural camp for the information they provided and activities aimed at promoting vocational and agricultural for the beneficiaries, and their actual contribution to the success of the camp.